Valparaiso Restaurant Supporters | Meet our Friends & Neighbors!

Uptown East is shoulder-to-shoulder with Valpo

The Valparaiso Restaurants came together as friends because special things happen when you come together as friends.

Uptown East | So when the restaurant Group wanted to create events for their community and have a website to stay connected, they turned to their friends like Grieger’s Motors, Perma-Green & Uptown East Apartments for help. Please meet our friends!

Just ask one of our chefs or servers… Everything is better when Uptown East Apartments is part of the community. Best known as the upscale towers east of downtown, Uptown’s staff & residents are a shining example of why Valpo’s a special place to work, live & grow.  Uptown is a significant partner to our restaurants! 

Perma-Green |  Then there is Perma-Green Lawn Care. This grassroots company started helping people grow healthy, green lawns in Valpo back in 1974. But if that seems like a long time, just check out owner Steve Daly’s roots. His family came to Valparaiso in the 1880s. You might say the Dalys grew up with Valparaiso. Today, Perma-Green is Northwest Indiana’s oldest and most successful Lawn Care Company. 

Perma-Green is a grassroots company. 100% of the Perma-Green’s staff is native to NWI. You won’t find a group of lawn care experts that love their jobs and community as much as the Perma-green Team.     

Griegers is a significant partner to Valpo Restaurants.

Grieger Motor Sales|Then there’s Grieger Motor Sales. A family-owned business that has served Valparaiso since the 1960s. Grieger’s Motors seems to be part of virtually any festival or event in Valpo.

The next time anyone asks you why someone should buy local, take them to a downtown event. There is a good chance you’ll see a Griegers sponsorship sign. 

The Griegers family is also a significant supporter of Valpo’s charities and their families are involved in our local churches, sports, music, and cultural scene. 

So why do you see so many Jeeps and Rams in Valpo? Because in Valpo….we support friends!  

Shoulder-to-Shoulder | Valpo University & Valpo Restaurants

Valpo University and the Valparaiso community have a storied past and a special relationship. “It all started in 1859 when a group of Valpo residents and business owners met at the Court House and listened to spirited speeches meant to persuade the town to support the creation of a college. By the end of the evening, the citizens pledged land and $11,000 to build the college. It would be one of the earliest coeducational colleges in the country.” — Making Paradise, J. Janesheski


The people of Valparaiso have always loved its University. The VU Home Coming Parade was the single biggest event of the year for the people in Valparaiso. For some unexplained reason in the 80s &90s, the beautiful relationship cooled off. But today, under the new leadership of VU’s President Padilla and the Valparaiso Restaurants, the spirit is back! A great city needs a remarkable university and a great university needs a remarkable town. We think we have both!

We couldn’t be more excited to use our website’s Friends Page to engage the area’s brightest students to tour the campus or discover the wide array of culture and sports. Our Events Page includes everything from Homecoming to the big basketball game. Nothing beats Valpo University when it comes to things to do, especially when it includes a great culinary experience!

So why does a Restaurant Association website welcome retailers and businesses on their website? Because these businesses are friends.