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Valparaiso's Oldest Lawn Care Company Has Deep Roots in the Community!

The Chefs of the Valpo Restaurant Group choose their sponsors carefully. Partners are selected for their values and commitment to Valparaiso’s community. According to Radius Chef Chris Pavlou, “Our sponsors are also active members in our community. They attend our meetings, offer input, and even participate in many of our events. Perma-Green Lawn Care exemplifies the values we look for in a significant partner.”

Perma-Green contributes to the Valpo restaurants and community.

Perma-Green's Lawn Care Roots Were Established in Valparaiso in the 1880s

Perma-Green's history goes back decades and stays in Valpo.
Perma-Green brings a rich history of tradition and unmatched expertise in lawn care.

Perma-Green is more than just one of Valparaiso’s oldest lawn care services…it is owned by the Daly’s, a family that has roots in Valpo dating back to the 1880s.

While Steve Daly started his career with Perma-Green, he did it the “Valpo Way.” He worked hard, became a lawn care expert, and developed relationships that would allow him to eventually buy the company and continue the tradition. Daly transformed his company from a Valpo-centric lawn care company into Northwest Indiana’s most successful lawn service.

Home Grown Values

Daly is quick to attribute his companies growth to the values he learned growing up in Valparaiso. Perma-Green is best known for its technicians and their expertise in nurturing NWI’s challenging soils. His secret sauce? Daly hires local people to serve the markets they live in. He also earns the respect of his staff by treating them like family. It’s how he keeps people. His staff is invested in their communities. Because Perma-Green continuously trains and certifies technicians, the PG Team improves with age.

Perma-Green is a local company that is invested in its community.

Chef Carlos of Don Quijote likes to compare Perma-Green to a fine bottle of wine and the lawn care business to a great vineyard. He equates everything to wine and makes anything fun! You’ll want to read the article below. But first, check out everything Perma-Green has to offer:

Check Out Perma-Green's Lawn Care Services!

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A Great Lawn Can Be Compared to a Fine Bottle of Spanish Wine & a Vineyard

Chef Carlos relates the importance of grape watering and treatment to that of grass in a lawn.

Without further ado, here is Chef Carlos’s take:

A great wine needs grapes produced from the best vineyards. The best vineyards require amending the soil with the right fertilizers and oxygen to the root system, along with the correct amount of watering. It also needs the right treatments in autumn so that the following season, the grapes begin with the right nutrients. With today’s advancements in fertilization and technology, wines are being produced that would not have been possible with such consistency. The difference between a good wine and a great wine depends on expertise and experience.

The parallels between a great vineyard and a great lawn are quite fitting. It’s all about the quality of the soil, fertilization, optimal watering, controlling for pests, and aeration. Success requires experience and expertise in all these disciplines.

Now More Than Ever, People Need a Great Lawn and a Great Glass of Wine!

According to Chef Carlos, “Having a great lawn is like the atmosphere of a great restaurant. It’s part of the experience. Nothing beats grandchildren running barefoot through a healthy lawn while friends and family enjoy sharing life’s precious moments.”

Lawn care and restaurants work to create an experience for families.
Now more than ever, the world needs to spend time with family. Having a great glass of wine while spending time with family in the backyard is a healthy dose of the good life. Having a great lawn is part of that experience.
Perma-Green has a team of expert workers who work to improve lawns in Valpo.

But like a great wine vineyard, a great lawn doesn’t just happen by itself. It relies on expertise and experience. One specific lawn lawn plan doesn’t fit all soil compositions. One weed control doesn’t prevent all weeds, and one pest control doesn’t stop all pests. The secret is knowing what works best, how much to use, and when to use it.

Lawn Care Saves Time & Money | More Time for the Family!

While most of us might lack Chef Carlos’s expertise in lawn care, he discovered (see the video) that he could have Perma-Green handle his lawn care needs for less money than his own efforts cost. The team’s bulk buying means they can offer full-season lawn programs that include professional-grade treatments and services for less than what you might pay for consumer-grade treatments.

Perma-Green offers lawn care services for low prices and professional results.
Lawn care services help people save money and live happy.

For Carlos, this means more time to farm his fresh produce, cook, fight hunger, raise money for charities, drink wine, and most importantly…spend time with the family!

Nothing is as important to Carlos as time with his grandkids! With the help of Perma-Green, he has time for what matters.

Why It Pays to Support Local

So why did Chef Carlos, Valpo’s freshest chef, make the move to Perma-Green? Because Momma didn’t raise a fool! Hiring Perma-Green saves Carlos money while allowing him more time to spend with family and friends. But his mother also taught him the values of supporting locals and paying forward.

Perma-Green helps the community of Valpo.

Carlos wanted to show his appreciation for Perma-Green’s sponsorship of the Downtown Valpo Restaurant’s website and events page. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the restaurants had businesses like Perma-Green supporting them with much-needed funds to mitigate losses and survive. The Valpo Restaurants had their roots firmly planted; they were ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one another and knew they could survive with help from friends.

Perma-Green treats lawns for the community.

The next time you search, “Lawn Care Near Me,” stop and consider which lawn care companies are invested in their community. Because in Valpo, everything is better when it comes from friends.

Your Town's Watering Guide & Lawn Tips

With professional expertise and a community behind it, Perma-Green can determine what your soil needs.

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