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Set in historic downtown Valparaiso…eight innovative restaurants joined together as friends to bring you the Downtown Valpo Restaurant Group. Committed to fresh and authentic cuisine, these restaurants are passionate about their food, wine and creating a unique culinary experience for their customers.

With events and festivals throughout the year, Valpo has become a destination for foodies. Each of these restaurants features outdoor dinning- perfect for soaking in warm weather in the “Vale of Paradise”. Indoor spaces are as fresh and authentic as the cuisine itself.

We welcome you to explore our website and our partner at Valpo Events. There is always something going on in Valparaiso and everything is better when the experience ends with the Downtown Valpo Restaurants. Catch live theatre at the Memorial Opera House, check out the farmers market, or attend the weekly Summer Concert Series or Movie Night at Central Park. There is also festivals and events throughout the year… just make sure you set your reservations early for the after-party. -Bon Appetite!

Happiness is …al fresco dining.

Your guide to culture and fun! Discover everything the downtown has to offer on the Downtown Valpo Restaurants Events Page. Discover culture pairings that include music, live-theater, festivals and events. Your guide to the best that downtown Valparaiso has to offer starts with the Downtown Valpo Restaurants Event page…



A Unique Culinary Experience
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Chef Eddy is known as one of Valpo’s most accomplished Chefs and has been with the Downtown Valpo Restaurants since it originated. This Chef knows Valpo and what his customers want….located in the heart of Valpo, across from the magnificent Court House, Chef Eddie serves Northwest Indiana’s largest fresh oyster selection. Although the Chef is known for his seafood, many locals will boast of his perfectly executed steaks, chicken entrees… [Read More]


Passion…No other word can better capture the essence of Spanish cuisine or the don Quijote experience, says Chef Carlos Rivero. “In Spain, every meal is an opportunity to get together with friends and family, and food is one of the foundations of Spanish culture. Almost all Spanish food is made for sharing… whether its tapas, a huge paella pan shared between friends, or a fine bottle of Spanish Wine.” [Read More]


Downtown Valpo Restaurants couldn’t be more excited to welcome Daniel Wang and his Japanese culture to Valpo’s world-class portfolio. Furin’s diverse menu includes classic Japanese cuisine with an infusion of modern rolls, steak, sushi, sashimi, ramen and teriyaki. Furin’s remarkable cultural experience that will capture your heart. Furin’s remarkable cultural experience that will capture your heart. Furin has quickly become a downtown favorite… [Read More]

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Downtown Valpo Restaurants are made up of some real characters…perhaps none more than Sage’s Chef Joe. Chef Joe exemplifies Valpo’s character. Tough, loyal, tenacious, passionate…and will do anything to create an amazing experience for his customers. His inspiration came from his Italian heritage, where cooking was an expression of love. Chef Joe never ceases to impress! Hand crafted entrees and unique dishes. [Read More]


This is perhaps the most innovative restaurant you’ll ever go to. A 1940’s Chicago Tavern theme with a transfusion of American, Italian and Mexican cuisine. Chef Paul Loduca’s innovation was inspired by his father, a renown Chicago chef and restaurateur. If you’re looking for a classic Chicago dinner, Pikk’s” raises the steaks”. When it comes to Ribeye, New York Steak, and the Filet Mignon, nobody in Chicago does it better. [Read More]

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Radius has it all…a diverse menu, a great bar, and weekly live music, featuring Valpo’s best musicians. The menu is one of Valpo’s most diverse, which includes roast beef, sandwiches, hamburgers, alongside fresh and innovative cocktails. Radius also has one of Valpo’s best selections of craft beers. The Radius outdoor dining space is directly across from the iconic Courthouse. Many locals consider Radius the best spot in town for a al fresco… [Read More]

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Always fresh…always real. This is a restaurant that stands for values without compromise. Since 2011 husband and wife restaurateurs, Cory and Blair Muro, have been elevating the food scene in Valparaiso, IN with their inspired, unique concept eateries. Cory’s insatiable desire to innovate is only equaled by Blairs desire to create a fresh and wonderful experience for customers. Ricochet offers a limited menu of creative, thoughtfully delivered food… [Read More]

HAPPINESS IS al fresco dining

Best known for their passion for creating a unique and remarkable dining experience, these restaurants believe working together is key to making Valparaiso’s downtown special. Whether it’s working together to create a tasteful culinary event, collaborating to help a charity, to organizing the popular “First Thursday Specials”.



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