International sensation…Chef Daryn reveals secret to Ricochet Tacos

Chef Daryn confesses… the secret to Ricochets remarkable cuisine.

Chef Daryn likes to describe the innovative cuisine of Ricochet Tacos as New American. “New American cuisine takes classically trained elements of French, Asian, Latin American, Mediterranean, and other cuisines combined with the comfort and accessibility as your common American fare.”

We are not Mexican food. We never tried to be, we never will be. We are a hybrid animal of all cuisine styles and cultures. We simply choose one of the most important vessels to tell our story, the tortilla. By its most simple definition and its history and etymology, the taco has an endless open-ended future (pun intended) and we are at the forefront for that growth and discovery. Everything you never thought you would find on a tortilla will be gladly brought to you by the Ricochet team.

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