The Downtown Valpo Restaurants and Perma-Green announced a relationship and partnership that designates Perma-Green as the “Official Lawn Care Company” of the Downtown Valpo Restaurants.

When you think of Valpo…you think of summer fun!

According to Steve Daly, President of Perma-Green, sponsoring the Downtown Valpo Restaurants and their website is a great fit.  “When people think of downtown Valpo and the restaurants,  they think of outdoor dining, outdoor fun, and remarkable service.”

Valentine's Day and romantic dinners in Downtown Valparaiso

“We think we have a lot in common with the Chefs, the restaurants and the downtown community. These guys work hard to create a great experience for their customers and it’s hard to beat al fresco dining and being outdoors when the weather gets nice.

We also like sponsoring the Valpo Downtown Restaurants website and Events Page. When we heard of all the great events, live music and outdoor dining activities planned for 2020, we jumped at the chance to support them.  What can be more rewarding than helping the dining group create a summer of fun for our hometown!”

Roots in Downtown Valpo that go back to 1880’s…

Steve Daly bleeds Valpo green. Perma-Green was founded in Valparaiso in 1974, and almost all of his staff were born and raised in Valpo. Perma-Green treats customers like friends and neighbors because they usually are…and many of the staff are family!

The Daly family has been in Valpo forever, with roots that go back to the 19th Century. The Daly family first came to Valparaiso in the 1880’s…  now that’s some strong roots in the Vale of Paradise!

Perma-Green keeps it in the community

We’ve all heard that when you buy local-you keep your dollars in the community. For many of the staff at Perma-Green, this is an ongoing joke that they might as well sign their checks over to the restaurants…  this might be a bit of an exaggeration, but these guys love the downtown and the downtown loves them back.  Sponsoring the Downtown Valpo Restaurants and their website is a match made in heaven.

Field of Dreams… Is this Heaven? 

“According to Daly, as much as we are downtown enjoying the amazing food and downtown culture, supporting the downtown restaurant events is a logical fit. Its where all our friends and family are. It’s our hometown!”

2020 will be a remarkable year of Events for Valpo’s top chefs.

Perma-Green’s sponsorship and support helps the restaurants jump start the revitalization of the downtown.

According to Carlos Rivero, owner of Don Quijote and one of the original founders of the Valpo Downtown Restaurant Group, “we like to pick our officials sponsors based on a shared commitment to the community.”

Perma-Green joins Griegers as sponsors to the downtown

Picky Chefs! Official sponsors of the Downtown Valpo Group need this!

“All of our official sponsors and sponsors are community-driven, including Griegers Motors and Perma-Green.”

When you’ve been around as long as Don Quijote, which turns 35 years this year, you learn that the best partners are the ones that are part of the community.

Don Quijote will have a 35th-anniversary celebration this summer.

McCarts are part of Valpo Marketing team

Jared & Nikki McCart

C’mon man? Around even longer than Don Quijote?

Each of the Downtown Valpo Restaurant partners has a long history in Valpo. Grieger’s Motors celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year. Perma-Green started serving Valpo almost 50 years ago.

Families from 19th Century Valparaiso that went on to establish modern businesses in Valpo include Indiana Beverage. Indiana Beverage always seems to support the restaurants and the community. The Leetz family that owns Indiana Beverage has been in Valpo as long as the Daly’s and had a downtown grocery store in the 19th century.

Paying it forward is a characteristic of Valparaiso’s unique culture.



2020 Events with the Downtown Valpo Restaurant

Perma-Green’s sponsorship also helps bring Valparaiso’s community the Offical Events Page of the Downtown Valpo Restaurant Website.

Perma-Green, Official Lawn Care of the Downtown Valpo Restaurants

Perma-Green’s biggest fans will tell you Perma-Green and his team can make grass grow virtually anywhere. But unless Steve is able to figure out how to grow grass on a sidewalk, I think he might need to stay content as a sponsor.


Cheers… Perma-Green!

By Jim Jano Janesheski

Think Green! The next time you’re at the Valpo Fairgrounds!

Perma-Green has maintained lawn care solutions and lawn care programs for the Valparaiso Parks Department’s Fairgrounds and softball fields for years.

To learn more about Perma-Green, visit its website at 


Pikk’s Tavern

About Perma-Green:

Perma-Green was founded in Valparaiso in 1974.  Perma-Green is a commercial and home lawn care service company with expertise and experience serving Lake, Porter, LaPorte and Jasper Counties.

Perma-Green’s home lawn care solutions include, lawn seeding, regular lawn care programs, lawn fertilization service, weed control, lawn pest control, lawn aeration and ornamental root feeding.