The Valpo Restaurants have helped make Valparaiso a special place to live, work and play. Very few towns the size of Valparaiso have so much to offer, but maybe that’s because most towns don’t have restaurants and catering venues that invest so much in their communities. From Christmas Events to Fundraisers, our Valpo Restaurants and Venues are always there to support the community.

In Valpo, we love our restaurants and our restaurants love us. But like any love affair, the secret recipe for keeping this relationship going is support and loyalty. Without it, we could become like most communities and get run over by corporate restaurants and venues.

The best way to sustain our small businesses and restaurants is by supporting them. But your support will also benefit your family, friends, and the people you work with. Who wouldn’t love to attend a Christmas Party catered by one of the Valpo Restaurants?  You might also love shopping at these businesses. Many have tastings and unique gifts. For fast and fun shopping, stop by for dinner and pick up a Gift Card.

Everyone Wins When You Support Valpo Restaurants…

Your Family & Friend Will Love You

In this article, you’ll discover how you can celebrate the holidays and support the restaurants through gift cards, catering, and private parties.

It’s a win-win for everyone.  Who wouldn’t love a gift card to Radius, Belle Estonni (Smoketown Blues), or Veleros? Imagine the excitement of an Office Christmas Party catered by Martinis, McGowan & Sons, or Don Quijote. They’ll be talking about it for months.

walking downtown valpo during a christmas event

Private Parties with private rooms are guaranteed to be well attended when they are at Pikk’s, Maple +Bacon, or Aftermath. Looking for culture? Schiralli is a small venue party destination that serves boutique food and wine that you can also choose to buy as a gift for someone special. Even the art on exhibit is for sale. But for fast and simple shopping, you can’t beat the gift cards from any of these restaurants and businesses.

If you’re looking for thoughtful holiday shopping, keep reading…

Gift Cards from the Valpo Restaurants

When you give someone a Gift Card from a Valpo Restaurant member, everyone wins, especially the person who is getting the gift!  They’ll know immediately that they;ll love your gift!

But it also benefits you!  This makes shopping fast, simple, and fun. Some restaurants even have incentives and you’ll love visiting the restaurant. The food is amazing!

Here is a link to a page with all the Restaurants. Simply pick which restaurant and select one of the links provided. Call it One-Stop Shopping. You can also see Gift Card Specials on the Valpo Restaurant’s Facebook Page. Some of our biggest fans are buying one gift card from each restaurant. Now that’s showing a lot of love!


Christmas Parties

The Valpo Restaurants are legendary for there great food and wonderful experiences! These Christmas Party Restaurants menus, beer, wine, and Christmas cocktails.

Your Guest will love Your Event and will brag about it for weeks. For Your Christmas Party, here is a link.


New Year’s Eve | New Year’s Day

The best way to end the year is also the best way to start it…. with great food and wine! Choose a dinner with a date, loved one or friends! Dining at restaurants on for New Year’s Eve or Day. Here is a link to learn more!


Christmas Catering

Christmas Catering is easy and memorable. Best of all, the food and wine will bring the spirit of Christmas to your guests. Most restaurants can provide you with a special Holiday Menu to keep things on a budget. Most of these restaurants also offer liquor catering to keep your Christmas Party compliant and simple.


Restaurants with Holiday Party Platters

Party Platters from the Valpo Restaurants will keep your office party or event special without any effort or commitment. Contact one of the restaurants on this page.


Party Rooms & Private Rooms