Downtown Valpo Dining

7 ways you can help our Valparaiso restaurants keep going through this and beyond!

The restaurants in downtown Valparaiso are often considered to be the heart of Valparaiso. It was their spirit of community that was the impetus to our fabulous downtown, events, culture, and fun! As the imposed restrictions are lifted, each restaurant is slowly opening and taking baby steps to recover. Currently, the restaurants are permitted to open with a limited capacity. While this allows the restaurants to gradually begin earning revenue, this is by no means enough to recover from the lost months. Furthermore, many of the restaurants have chosen to remain closed over fears that opening at this point is still too early. The financial and emotional stress of remaining closed is daunting!

The bottom line, these restaurants have always been our friends…and now we can be there for them. Here are 7 ways you can help our restaurants keep going and someday return to happiness!

7) Curb your appetite with Food, Appetizer and Dessert Pick Up

Special reserved parking in front of the restaurants was recently created just for curbside pickup- just call your order in and pull up for remarkable home dining. Nobody is cleaner than our Valpo Restaurants…and they’ve raised the bar to protect their friends and family in Valpo. Let’s help our friends get through this and get as much from them as possible!

6) Delivery

Visit your favorite restaurant’s website for delivery options. Many restaurants are even using their staff to make deliveries, which means you’re also helping your favorite cooks and servers. Most of the restaurants have online ordering to make it convenient.

5) Beer & Wine curbside carry-out

The ATC is granting a special carryout license for beer & wine to help our restaurants. Our restaurants are now applying for these and are getting permits in 24 hours. So the next time you’re in the mood for a great bottle of wine with your dinner….or stocking up on your favorite craft, buy it from the restaurants. I know I’ll do my part!

4) Gift Cards

Buying gift cards is a great way to show your love and support for our restaurants. Break new records for early Christmas shopping. Guys…buy a gift card as an emergency standby- you’ll be ready when you forget that special anniversary. Buy gift cards for your favorite server, boss, employee.

3) Over-the-top tips

Your favorite restaurant’s cooks, servers and bartenders are always there to help you…this is a great way to serve them for a change. Someday, it will come back to you in many ways.

2) Dine at your favorite Downtown Valpo Restaurant often!

Each restaurant is opening when they are comfortable and ready… and that is what they want from customers. If your ready, skip the drive-through and delivery and dine downtown. The restaurants have new entrees and drinks to explore, so make it a point to make every trip an adventure by exploring the menus. The Valpodining website has a digital menu from each restaurant, so start planning your frequent visits. Just click the below logo… it will direct you to the restaurant’s digital menu.

1) Buy your best bottle of wine ever… and celebrate with Outdoor Dining

The downtown restaurants all have great wine selections. Ever wish you could buy that remarkable bottle of wine that’s out of your budget? Well, here is your excuse to splurge. Dining outside is an amazing experience and has direct sun and ventilation.

So there you have it… 7 ways you can help our Valparaiso restaurants keep going through this and beyond! Cheers!