Ricochet Tacos takes everything you know about the traditional taco and puts a spin on it that has kept people returning for more. For example, if you were to order the Gin-Jitsu, it would come with seared ahi tuna, napa pico, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, radish, cilantro, Japanese barbeque and sriracha. That is just one of the many unique dishes for which Ricochet is known.

Before opening Ricochet in February of 2017, its predecessor restaurant, Valley, was very popular in its own right. Valley was well-known for its farm-to-table style, but concerns about future growth within the concept prompted a shift in culinary direction. “We wanted to go out on the highest note that we could before being hit with an industry-wide saturation. We went back to a concept that had been derived about five or six years ago,” said Daryn Frank- head chef at Ricochet.

Once the decision was made to make the concept of Ricochet a reality, Frank’s culinary background allowed him to create the unique dishes that set Ricochet apart from other restaurants that serve tacos. “What sets us apart is my background in fine dining and world cuisine. I have spent 12 years studying food and working at high-end restaurants. The idea was to take Ricochet, to take contemporary American ideals and put it into a taco shell. We went back to the basic root of what a taco is by definition- it is food encapsulated in a tortilla. I have studied tacos, and I came up with what I would want to eat on a taco. I then put it out there for others to enjoy.”

Along with Ricochet’s regular menu, you will also find a Taco of the Month, along with some very unique and unusual tacos. “I had a one day only taco that I named the Keith Richards- a tribute to a man who is too tough to die. It was a smoked pork country rib taco with ticking Pop Rocks, fried onions, jardinière. It was a real punch you in the face kind of taco.” Many of the special tacos are also created to pair well with certain alcoholic beverages. “On Black Friday, we did a special taco with the Devil’s Trumpet Brewery to go with their Chocolate Taco, their special beer release. It was a chicken mole taco that people are still asking me about months later.”

Being such a unique restaurant, Frank finds satisfaction in making the ordinary extraordinary. “We reach out to clientele that come through our doors and they see the eclectic food that we have, and they are taken aback by it, and they do not know what to think. Once they try it, they realize that they have just eaten the best taco they have ever had. Expanding your palate, giving you something exciting, giving you something that is more of an experience than just eating. People come in here and they want to try something new. You are going to get something new here.”

Ricochet Tacos is located on the east side of the courthouse square at 55 Franklin Street. You can find their website, along with their hours of operation and menu at ricochettacos.com. You can also find them on Facebook at facebook.com/ricochettacos/.