New Foodie on the clock for Valpo Dining

Here I am, about to take this two hour drive up north to the city that I will soon call home. Excited, anxious, (and slightly nervous at my own navigational skills..), I was set with the task taking over the blog and video portions of the highly acclaimed Downtown Valparaiso Dining Group. Being the “foodie” that I am, I “devoured” the opportunity. I eagerly approached signs stating that Valparaiso was only miles ahead. As I turned on to Washington Street for the first time, I was greeted by the beautiful Porter County Courthouse, which soon came home to my not so beautiful ’94 Buick. I was not sure where I could and could not park, but a helpful local told me I was fine. If you’re reading this, thanks Ron! Anywho, getting out of the car, I figured I would set out to create a game-plan to tackle all ten restaurants and attempt to get myself acquainted with all of the locations. What is not a better way to document my humiliating journey than to make a video for it! (Check the Downtown Valparaiso Dining Facebook page)

No GPS, no maps, just a list of locations and streets. I was prepared to be driving for countless hours and taking numerous wrong turns down one way streets. But… I very quickly came to realize that the majority of the restaurants were actually on the same street! Lincolnway! Honestly, it was kind of a let down that everyone could not enjoy the failures of my misdirection’s, but on the latter, it was a cool realization to see that all of these amazing eateries are located within walking distance of each other. And, not only that, some are literally right next door to each other! I can factually say that no location is more than just a few minutes of walking. Think of the possibilities! You can get a four course meal in just a few simple steps! Start your day off with a County Skillet at Fork & Cork with the freshest home grown breakfast you could ask for. Then head over to Main+Lincoln for brunch with a M+L Burger (Make sure to add bacon and a fried egg!) For lunch, you have a huge variety of options! Tacos at Ricochet’s, creative dishes from the chefs at Furin Japanese, or some classic American inspired dishes at Radius. Then, for dinner, grab a cocktail and a plate of the best homemade pasta down the street at Sage.

I am still completely blown away and at awe at all of the amazing and creative restaurants in the area! I am becoming extremely impatient that I can not call Downtown Valparaiso my home for at least another month, but, until than, you better believe that I will already be making a list of all I want to experience and try at all ten restaurants. SPOILER ALERT: It’s everything!

-Logan James