Chris Pavlou was born into the food business… literally. He reflected on the story that his parents, owners of Ted’s Imported Foods, told him of the day that he was born. “When I was born, my mom was in labor at the store and my dad said to her, “Let me do the paperwork first!”. So I was literally born in the business.”

Although he grew up helping his parents at their Merrillville location, Pavlou took a different direction in life before opening his first restaurant. When he was 18, he worked as a runner at the Chicago Board of Trade. He continued working in brokering at a few different firms before leaving the industry completely in 2000. “When the market crashed, I just grabbed all my money and opened up my own restaurant. Ever since then, I’ve had 13 restaurants. Now I only have 4.” As a former stock broker, he admits that working in the restaurant business allows him the ability to have more control over situations that he otherwise could not in brokering. “I could not control other peoples’ money and it bothered me. When people lost, I felt it. In the food business, I can control what I make and how I treat the people.” This includes the control that he has over the food that is made in his restaurants. “If it doesn’t look good, I’m not sending it out.”

This philosophy has been brought to downtown Valparaiso with his newest venture called Radius. Located on the north end of the downtown Valparaiso square, Radius opened its doors in September of 2016. The name Radius was actually conceived by his wife and daughter. “The whole meaning behind Radius is that it is the center of Valpo as well as the dining district.” He says that the downtown location has afforded him the ability to expand his horizons. “With this location here, I was able to take something simple that I had in all of my other restaurants and really make an explosion of it.”

That explosion has manifested into a restaurant known for burgers with unique twists. One unique burger, in particular, is called the Redenbacher. It is topped with homemade mac and cheese, onion rings, thick-cut bacon on a garlic bun. “Where else can you find that?” says Pavlou. The top-selling dish at Radius is the Chicago Style Italian Beef, a popular dish that Pavlou also serves at his other restaurants. Pavlou believes in serving only the freshest ingredients such as USDA prime beef, the freshest vegetables and buns. “I believe in quality. We’re digesting this food into our bodies, so I want to give my guests the best I possibly can.”

Along with these unique dishes, Radius hosts live entertainment every Friday night. They also have beer tasting nights, theme nights and outdoor seating. “I want people to come here and I want them to leave full, happy and satisfied. Sit, have a couple of cocktails if you want, eat some great food, enjoy the music, enjoy the ambiance, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy your friends. That’s where I get the enjoyment. The people of Valpo have welcomed me.”

Radius is located at 15 E Lincolnway in beautiful downtown Valparaiso. For more information, including a full menu and upcoming events, you may visit their Facebook page at: