Good Friday Seafood, Beer & Wine | Fasting Ends with culinary event in Valpo

Join the Valparaiso Restaurants as they prepare a special night of seafood, beer & wine! This culinary event is perfect for folks that love remarkable seafood…especially people that fast on Good Friday and only eat one full meal for the day.

If you’re a fan of the Valparaiso Restaurants, outdoor dining, seafood, beer and wine, you won’t want to miss this culinary event at Valpo’s participating restaurants. Each restaurant is ordering the freshest fish, oysters, shrimp, and seafood.

abbey food
The Abbey’s fresh catch

Good Friday
Seafood & Wine

Because Good Friday Fasting ends…
with 1 Remarkable Seafood Dinner!
  • Remarkable Seafood 
  • Fine Wine & Beer
  • Outdoor & Indoor Dining

Each Restaurant will have its featured Seafood, Beer  & Wine posted in late March

Scarpe’s seafood and wine pairing goes alfresco on Good Friday

Of course, the freshest seafood and wines come with real-time ordering. You’ll want to stay connected to the Valparaiso Restaurants Facebook Page the week of the event.

Each day, you’ll find images and descriptions of each restaurant’s seafood, beer & wine. Discovering your destination for Good Friday’s Remarkable Seafood Dinner will be fun…. if you’re able to handle the wait!

Innovative Seafood paired with wine, beer, and more

From octopus to seabass, each restaurant will prepare everything from innovative dishes and traditional seafood.

You’ll discover flatbreads with shrimp with seasonal IPA pairings.

Maybe your remarkable Good Friday dinner comes as a simple yet delicious Salmon served with an oak-aged white wine. On the richer side, you’ll find selections like a Chardonnay from California, a Viognier from Paso Robles, an aged white Rioja from Spain, or an oak-aged Trebbiano/Chardonnay from Sicily.

Ricochet’s innovative seafood will only be revealed just in time!

Of course, innovation pairs well with the chefs that make up the Valparaiso Restaurant chefs. You’ll find a flavorful seafood taco paired with an old-fashioned.

Good Friday |  Seafood & Spirits




pikks outdoor dining! A top pick for northwest indiana dining and innovation.

pikks outdoor dining is the best seat in Valpo for a concert or meeting friends
Outdoor Dining makes seafood & spirits special

blue point is great for seafood lovers and outdoor dining

bloe point seafood maked great outdoor dining fun

ricochet tacos is authentic and an outdoor dining destination

candlelight dinner for romantic dining

Chef Carlos and Lisa Rivero

Furins outdoor dining is a Valpo international cuisine thats perfect for alfresco dining

abbey restaurant og aberdeen inn

Tommy B’s knows great seafood!




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