Downtown Valpo Restaurants- Furin

Furin for a great time!

Growing up in a small town, there wasn’t really much variety to what we could and could not have for a “going out” meal. My town’s options were hamburgers, hotdogs, and, if you really wanted to go all out, you could splurge by going to Applebee’s. (I’m not bashing, I LOVE Applebee’s.) All in all, our choices were limited. It wasn’t until I moved up here to Valparaiso that I was immediately overloaded with so many different styles. As I mentioned in my first post, you could let your taste buds essentially travel the world with so many different flavors. So, after being completely satisfied with my first experience receiving some gourmet tacos from Ricochet’s, I decided that my second taste test was going to be something I was a bit frightened to try. Japanese. Granted, I know a lot of Japanese dishes stem from fish and seafood, but, I did not want to appear that I did not know what I was going to order. (SPOILER ALERT, I was right.)

We first walk into Furin Japanese Steak House and a sense of calm emitted from my worries. We were immediately greeted by a smiling face and were brought to our seats, a quaint little booth that offered my date and I some privacy. Our menus were brought out to us and, remember when I said I was nervous about ordering… well… here it was. I open the menu and instantly had no idea what anything was. There was a lot more on the menu than your stereotypical take out place. From Edamame to Gyoza, I was left with a blank stare into the void of what was my numerous options. After trying to build up some courage to order something completely at random, I hate to say, I chickened out. Fried Rice it was! I ordered the House fried rice which came with crab meat, scallops, Shrimp, and an assortment of other toppings and can I say… DELICIOUS! I know that it is just rice, but it was so much more than that! The combination of the variety of seafood and the consistency of the rice meshed together so incredibly well that I almost forgot it was just rice. Complemented by some piping hot and super comforting Miso Soup. (Which, if I can make even one suggestion, GET. THE. SOUP! Super delicious, and when winter rolls around, will be a must!) and an in-house, superbly made Mai Tai that was concocted right in front of us, the entire meal came together so perfectly.

I left smiling ear to ear about my first experience in a Japanese Steak House. Next time, I want to build up enough courage to order something… new… something crazy… something like… ughh… *Looks at menu…* Niku Udon!!  Maybe next time I’ll Google it before I order so I’m not completely confused. You can only send the wait staff away so many times before they start to judge.

-Logan James