In the last ten years, Valparaiso has transformed itself from a city not only known for its world-renowned university, but to a city with a beautiful and vibrant downtown with so many locally-owned restaurants from which to choose, all within the heart of the downtown area. The Downtown Valpo Restaurant Group consists of 9 restaurants (with a 10th opening soon), all of which are located within walking distance of one another. From Mexican to Cajun, Italian to even Spanish dishes, downtown Valparaiso is sure to have an exquisite meal that satisfies any kind of craving.

dining downtown

Anchored by Central Park Plaza, downtown Valparaiso has become a destination for a vast array of incredible dining and drink options. Often times, diners can enjoy the sounds of a concert or musical festival at the pavilion and a beautiful summer evening, which often attracts even more people to the downtown area than usual. Visitors will enjoy not only the amount of outdoor seating available, but the aesthetics that each of our restaurants offers for outdoor dining. From overhead string lights to beautifully-crafted decking, these simple decorating options make the overall experience that much more inviting. As lively as the city is on Friday and Saturday nights, there usually are no wait times at any of our restaurants. With ample parking all over downtown, finding a parking spot close to your destination makes the downtown area easily accessible.

Many of our restaurant guests say that the reasons they dine downtown is because of the delicious food, the overall atmosphere and having a convenient location to meet friends and have drinks. Many people are just very happy to be out on a beautiful night, which is something we very much value in Indiana during the summer months. When dining outdoors, certain perks are allowed that otherwise would not be permitted indoors. For example, some of our restaurants allow pets to sit with their owners in the outdoor seating area. Valparaiso truly is a small town with a big town feel.

Many of our restaurant owners express the same reasons for choosing downtown Valparaiso for their restaurant as their customers. From chefs who have been all over the world, chefs who have brought their love of making food from their native land, to chefs who own multiple restaurants throughout Northwest Indiana, their love of making food for guests is expressed in the attention to detail and choices in ingredients. This love is reciprocated by the many guests you will find frequenting our restaurants on any given night of the week.

Living in Northwest Indiana, we are fortunate to live close to a city like Chicago and all the different dining options that it has to offer. However, it is nice to know that a local city like Valparaiso can offer the experience of so many different dining options, without the hassle of driving to Illinois and the expensive parking that accompanies it. The summer has just begun, therefore there is still plenty of time for everyone to experience the vibrant city Valparaiso has become. Bring your friends and have a great time!