Anything is possible and miracles do happen in Valparaiso at Christmas. A special Valparaiso Christmas Celebration is scheduled at the Restaurants and Business Members on Friday, December 23rd. The night will be a culmination of a month-long drive to help raise money for victims of domestic violence and The Caring Place.

While each Valpo Restaurant Member will have Food, Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Specials, anyone that makes a donation of $20 or more can get a FREE appetizer. Each member will also have unique festivities, music, and fun. Radius is having a pajama party. Don Quijote will be passing the wine bota.  McGowan & Sons will not be open at night, so they are offering cookies and a Free appetizer for any donation of $20.

Who is Having the Valparaiso Christmas Celebration?

Elements Wine Bar

Just listen for happy, joyful people celebrating with the sounds of wine glasses coming together and you’ll likely find one of the participating restaurants. As if Christmas isn’t enough reason for this Valparaiso Christmas celebration, these restaurants and businesses will also celebrate the money raised by the community for victims of domestic violence. At this moment, over $60,000 has been donated. The Christmas Party is both a final push to raise more money and a celebration with a community that cared to make a difference.

Food & Dessert Specials

What can be more special than celebrating with family, friends, and neighbors? We think you’ll agree, the holidays are special because it gives people a chance to be thankful for what we have. But we also think great food and desserts are meant to be shared with the people you love!

The Valpo Restaurant's Christmas Celebration is a final push to help victims of domestic violence and a celebration of having a community that helped others in need.

Each restaurant will carefully select a special food and dessert that captures the essence of the holiday. You can be sure that the food and dessert offering of each restaurant will come with the Spirit of Christmas.


FREE Appetizers

Free Appetizers will come with Donations over $20 to help victims of domestic violence

Free Appetizers will come with Donations over $20

Any donation over $20 for victims of domestic violence will come with a Free appetizer and guests will be asked to sign the giant Christmas card. Donations of $50 or more come with a copy of the coffee table book called, Making Paradise.

Beer-Wine-Cocktail Specials
The Miracle of Christmas comes with wine....

The Valparaiso Christmas Celebration is Friday, December 23rd from 5-Closing

Vekleros will offer wine specials during the Christmas Celebration and fundraiser


Make a Donation of Any Amount and Sign the Giant Xmas Card

The christmas celebration for the Caring Place and victims of abuse
Donate Online to Caring Place with Credit Card
Donations made to the restaurant as Cash or Check

Your Donations will be Doubled

Matching Funds up to $20,000

The Caring Place

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