Restaurants with Private Rooms

Business Meetings & Private Parties! 

What can be better than telling your party guests that your event is catered by one of the Valpo Restaurants? Simple….tell them your event is at one of Valparaiso’s best restaurants. Make it special at one of the restaurants with private rooms. 

On this page, you’ll discover endless possibilities that come with planning your private room party with Valpo’s best restaurants.

Restaurants with Party Rooms & Endless Possibilities

Imagine your wedding reception at Maple & Bacon, but catered by both Radius and Don Quijote. That’s what happened when a couple wanted a wedding with Radius and Don Quijote food. Neither Radius nor Don Q had the room, but Maple + Bacon had the perfect party venue. These restaurants love working together and sharing resources to create memorable events and parties.
Working shoulder to shoulder, these three restaurants made a magical day for a wonderful couple. While the Maple Room is a destination for business meetings & private parties, M+B loves sharing its party room with other restaurants in the Valpo Group. In fact, every restaurant on this page can help you find the perfect party room to plan your next business meeting, party, or event.  


Maple + Bacons private room is called the Maple Room
The Party Venues at Schiralli, McGowan & Sons, Pikk’s, Veleros, and Belle Estanni Bake Shoppe turn remarkable catering into an extraordinary experience! 
A Private Party in an Art Gallery to a Private Party across the street from a Downtown Festival…

The list of Restaurants with Party Rooms doesn’t stop with these three restaurants, and nor does the endless creative options. Schiralli Gallery is attracting small weddings and private parties to its gallery. This iconic Valpo venue combines art,  food and wine offerings to create a touch of class to small weddings and intimate parties.  McGowan & Son’s has an on-site private room, perfect for Chef Rob’s ultra-fresh seafood. 

 Belle Estanni Bake Shoppe (Smoketwon Blues) and Pikks Tavern are ideally located in Valpo’s historic downtown.  Located directly across the street from Central Park, its the perfect location for a private party.

In the heart of Valpo’s downtown is Aftermath.  Your guest will love the wine and cider fomented locally. Of course, who doesn’t love a unique party theme? Veleros Mexican theme is a Valpo favorite and perfect for private venue parties.  But possibly NWI’s best party venue just might be Martinis. This restaurant does everything big! The biggest party venue, the biggest menu, the biggest outdoor dining space, the biggest bar. Want to go big? Hire Martinis! 

Don Quijote

Make your party or event a unique experience to remember with a paella and tapas party from Don Quijote. With full menu options, Chef Carlos can bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your event of under 100 people. The full menu of wine and cocktails come with a license, so planning a great experience has never been easier. Visit our site, or even better, stop by for a glass of wine with Carlos!


For years, people from around NWI have requested having Radius cater their Christmas parties, business meetings, and special events. Unfortunately, NWI's perennial " Restaurant of the Year" had limited space and a full house nearly 24/7. But owner Chris Pavlou's insatiable drive to please his customers discover a solution by opening Maple + Bacon, where Radius complete menu of food & bar can be served with inhouse catering. Parties & Business Events can rent private rooms with Radius award-winning menu.

Belle Estanni Bake Shoppe -Smoketown Blues

Water always finds the way, and so does smoke! The story of how Belle Estanni Bake Shoppe found its way to downtown Valpo is a good one, and it happened because people in Valpo couldn't get enough of Chef Mireya and her crowd-pleasing baked goods. Mireya began selling her baked goods at Smoketown Blues and the rest is history. Fresh baked goods & Southernwood cuisine. But now people can have their cake and eat it too! Belle Estanni offers catering, and private party options.

Maple + Bacon

Maple+Bacon has quickly become an overnight sensation for breakfast fans in Valpo, but its origins are rooted in its sister restaurant, Radius-Valpo. According to owner Chris Pavlou, we always wanted to have a venue for private parties at Radius, but were limited due to Radius's location and menu. M+B is like Radius but offers customers a wide range of food offerings, which makes it the perfect vessel for in-house catering & private parties. You can host your party in our Maple room, outdoor dining, or even our liquor bar and coffee bar....and we can serve Radius' menu too!

Pikk's Tavern

If you’re looking for a classic Chicago dinner, Pikk’s “raises the steaks.” When it comes to Ribeye, New York Strip, and the Filet Mignon, Chef Paul Loduca brings his Chicago talents to Valpo’s remarkable catering scene. From grilling for your guest to preparing food and drinks at the restaurant, Pikk's Tavern serves a memorable experience and a great choice for your next dinner, party or wedding!


Delicious food and unforgettable memories are both better when shared. Here at Martinis, we’ve got it all. With mouthwatering meals, colorful cocktails, a fully-stocked scratch kitchen, and live entertainment, you’re sure to find plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Our customers don’t call us “Old Faithful” for nothing — scratch-made meals prepared with the freshest ingredients means our dishes are consistently great.

Veleros Mexican Restaurant

Valparaiso's upscale Mexican Restaurant is the perfect solution for your next party or event. With the freshest choice of seafood and ingredients, Veleros Mexican is well qualified to make your celebration memorable! From our lobster tacos to traditional Mexican food... Discover why everyone is talking about Valpo's newest culinary sensation! Just take a look at our menu. Salud!

McGowan & Sons

McGowan & Sons is a Fish Market, Gourmet and Specialty Grocer, Event Planners and Caterers with a Full Bar Liquor License. We love to throw events such as our Pop-Up Dinners, Wine Tastings, Cooking Classes, Brunch, Holiday Parties and Private Parties, both on-site and off-site. We love to see people cooking, entertaining and mostly eating! Have a McGowan & Sons dinner tonight!